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We ORATE Training & Placement Services are Professionals in delivering High Quality Training & Placement Services.ORATE Training & Placement Services was founded by our CEO - Mr. Keshav Sridhar with a vision to 'Equip & Empower' people by providing the Best of the Best Human Resource Development (HRD) Services.Mr. Keshav Sridhar, CEO of ORATE, is a Mechanical Engineer by education and has over 9 years of Industry Experience. He is an Entrepreneur, Author and a Soft Skills Trainer with a Passion for HRD. His passion for HRD, drives him to Excel in many challenging Training & Development Projects.We ORATE, have been effectively operating since the year 2012 and it has been a wonderful & enjoyable journey for us so far. We have catered to the requirements of over 5000 people with our 'Training & Placement' Services.


Our Vision & Mission

Reaching out to the nook and corner of our Great Country – India with our HRD Services and Empower people to Excel in the field of their interest and there by Build a Resurgent & Roaring India.

Training Division

We ORATE, have a team of highly experienced Trainers/Coaches from differenct backgrounds who have the rich 'Experience & Expertise' to 'Design & Deliver' customized Soft Skills & Leadership Development Programs for the Corporate, Colleges & the Military.We specialize in delivering : Corporate Training Programs, Campus Recruitment Training Programs, Individual Development Programs, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Programs and Training/Coaching to Excel in Competitive Examinations. Our Training Programs have "Empowered" people from almost all walks of life.

"ORATE - Ensuring a Fantastic Learning & Development Experience"

Placement Division

Our 'Placement Services' team consists of 'Highly Experienced Professionals' who ensure bonding of excellent relationship with the candidates & the companies by thoroughly understanding their requirements and thereby, fulfulling them on time.We find the 'Best Fit' candidates for the companies through our multiple layer of 'Screening Process'. We also Train/Groom the candidates through our 'Highly Effective Training Programs' and ensure that they are fully in-sync with the requirement of our client. Our 'Training & Placement Services' have placed many Engineers, MCA's, MBA's and other Graduates/Post Graduates across various sectors.

ORATE - Your trusted partner for Recruitment